Taiwan's proposed 305-meter-high skyscraper tree

This tower building called "floating viewing platform" (Floating Observatories), built the third largest city in Taiwan, Taichung. In the recently held a design competition, "floating viewing platform" design won the title. The building's shape is like a tree, the construction of eight floating viewing platform, to like leaves in the "trunk" on the up and down. Each viewing platform can act as an elevator, can carry 80 people, using the shape of the island of Taiwan.

According to the architect said, the viewing platform will use space-age materials, light construction, strong electromagnetic fields in a vertical sliding track. Tower will be built with a museum, offices, restaurants, and a "city park." Responsible for the design of this tower of the Romanian architect Stefan Doering said: "The shape of the island of Taiwan is like a leaf, we proceed from Taiwan's geographical vision, proposed to build tree 'technology tree' idea, we designed a 8 three-dimensional leaves (8 in the local culture is a lucky number), and the Zeppelin rigid airship similar to the elevator, in the 'trunk' on the up and down the slide, but also to act as a viewing platform. "

By design, the "floating viewing platform" will use a range of green technologies, including wind turbines, solar and a geothermal power plant. Geothermal power plant was built at the bottom, is responsible for providing heating and hot water. "Floating viewing platform," the height of nearly 1,000 feet (305 meters), far lower than Taiwan's tallest building, Taipei 101 skyscraper, which reached the height of 1671 feet (about 509 m). This tree tower will be 2012.

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