Maple Story Mesos find someone to command

Story always began in coincidence, a small city in the toy bench that I met the rain, in fact, the beginning I was not very good impression of him, because he called me to do just met his wife, and I tend to scoff at such Maple Story Mesos behavior . plus a friend to go to the market after the wives he had, F7. From that day on, my friend finally angry inside, normally a lot of people online, but are more robots. generally appear orange font is speaking will be the rain I was a little bit proud, never take him. But they often see the words he said laughing. Once, he shouted at a friend in: I hung up, who will give me the corpses .. "said many times, I curious to find him, where he was good, also a look of surprise on my arrival, I only know that he will not find someone to command, and since then I often find him, then suddenly appeared in front of him. that every time he's cute F6 feel from After that I fell in love with F6. like a little fool head full of suspicion. a practice is always alone, almost the same level we often together leveling, which is my lazy person is also a good help We always meet in the gray ghost and then vowed to fight the Sell MapleStory Mesos electromagnetic shield, my brother has vowed to fight itself a solenoid, the result is always hit and I have been annoyed to this matter. chat with the upgrade, the time Always fast.

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