Maple Story Mesos come back adventure

Previous Adventure Island is kind of how it is quiet, pure, a little plug now? What is this game? Also not linked to what a person. I have used prior notice now Adventure Island. More than anything. More what is it? is a plug, is a liar. Why? Before Pearl Harbour a sea of people and many novice will not do the Maple Story Mesos task in the Rainbow Island. Ran out Daguai. Hundreds of thousands of new people are in that now gone. One did not, my friends and I in that shopping for a few days and since only one person. is the transfer of and I asked him not just to play this game, he said that I would trade him to the 500W he is now so how ah! not on only a few people hang in addition to a friend we have known a long time ago and now he come back adventure, he said, must resist the plug, plug away and I followed him. The more I think plug-in. the more I want to leave the risk. why now more than plug is Adventure Island, another game? Not many hanging and I do not what to say words to this, I sent a message to the official He wanted to delete the Knights, because I want to. Pearl on the outskirts of the beautiful scenery so the music so appealing, since no one in that killing monsters. are the Knights. Like the skin so ugly. What is the use to upgrade soon? Are you hanging out interesting? You play the game for what. To be happy is for grades four areas beat to death in the family, not Han tong said. "Hook to hang your senior what is the use, is that you Sell MapleStory Mesos game is not a game you play.”I understand this sentence. Linked to the senior did not use. Oh, I do not know what to write.

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