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Have been playing this game for lunch, until the time I see a "genius" is also to play, a reasonable move, accurate strikes, precise oil control, so I was shocked to Heaven, just like the discovery of new cave, he tells I, the game enemy small, not many obstacles, that is oil-less so as the name of the game as well to play well you have to add oil, and a good control over the Buy Runescape Gold amount of oil to reduce movement and combat, only next to attack oil the enemy. to ensure the oil supply, coupled with control of oil used, the more I play the game better - "Look at the game we were young, just a crank, a key, but also able to create brilliant." recently in line to see this kind of game design, he said to me, "Do you know why the game but I always play, refueling aircraft is the case, World of Warcraft, too." While not satisfied, but I only able to recognize ... from the crank to the NES to the arcade to PC games to online games World of Warcraft ... he only sees the bad handle of a single key, I was able to put in the tank after clearance to play Street Fighter ... horde only orang-hand one of the key functions can catch wrestling and made the weather feel I cannot find the North ... World of Warcraft using only one key, of course die, ha, but I play But he will not play with him I can only .60 Gala’s blood, he loves to find someone in the iron flags, wins less than negative 70's, I can DPS, but also opened the JJC, can only to find his love match with bovine B, DZ 223 355, although I can lick DZ, can beat him because I can DPS, so begin to focus on PVP, the total playing RS Gold time duel with him no less than his blood Even so it, he often said: "You good friends, has also been able to touch me, chasing me to play, for three years, except you, who can do that?

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