Maple Story Mesos in the game

One day I a friend leveling, there is a plug-in learning to steal from behind, I turned to look, I rely on! 20 thieves, I thought, the Union of arrogant people, right, is clearly despise our tribe, ah! Even 20 of the Maple Story Mesos trumpet are ran wildly, then Sri Lanka is that this battle, he can really understand the neglect of our existence, that is Teleport plug, when we give him the final blow, when suddenly people Teleport to far away, and medicine - "full of blood -" and then harassment. I want to say that we Chinese people cannot improve the quality of what it? Put a real game as a game to play do not you? Why put so many things that add to the mix of the commercialization of it? This will only make more people look down on our own Chinese people. Winners and losers in the game really that important? We are not all for entertainment? Why not really relax, only the one game when the "game" play? ! ! What is "Martial, Zhi Zun are false," Why then straight on this? Equipment, playing with friends, PK learn about is not it? To put it plainly, they made money with the plug-in, and use it to PK people, is that some coward! Villain! If you really are strong, we come to the real contest ah, why should these illegal procedures to achieve victory? If you are so good in reality is strong, then why not look to improve their own quality, so that foreigners can also be high to see our nation ah? Is because of you this moth! Coward! The overall quality of our Cheap Maple story Mesos society is not improved, because you can always rely on this means of cheating, greedy to reach your head to! Try to transform your mood and attitude right? We are also a good and harmonious environment for the game, not just let this masterpiece light, and the world to see, the quality of our nation is very high, it has also become one of us to improve the quality of their historic turning point.

题目 : 魔兽世界
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