Maple Story Mesos enhance the front part

In summary, forged in this version of the performance is only average, although with the same properties as comprehensive Maple Story Mesos jewelry reward, but high input will let you continue to question their own choices. The value of the exclusive weaponry unique compared to other professional skills and equipment is worth mentioning, almost in the same time to reach 80 was quickly eliminated. However, we must see that all the trade skills in forging the greatest potential to enhance the front part of the jewelry we have had with the endurance properties of example, when WLK purple gem accession, forging award because of its special nature and with the rise of commerce in the feedback is not so satisfying, even in fully mature market, so you need to 2000G washed over forging, WLK opening up this cost more than in the 4000G, although quite cheap to produce weapons, the output cap in the PVE in more than 213 levels of all board a head Wu Nai best, but limited by the production of materials, processing margins actually quite limited, in most cases is more like you just the raw materials packaged for sale; the finished belt punch also is one of the profit point, reduce the overall drilling but Cheap Maple story Mesos Blizzard 3.0.3 required materials, has become quite tasteless. The only hope left the new version of the new drawings, and is able to reproduce the TBC two forging hammer during the glory it? Let's wait and see.

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