Maple Story Mesos filled with supplies

How did the first contact of the players describe the WLK 3.3 version of the random copy of the battlefield to upgrade and upgrade Maple Story Mesos task to upgrade these three categories. Random copy: From 15 to start with a random row of cross-service copy. 1-70 random copy of the old world-class rewarding experience every time, money and a can out of the blue bag filled with supplies. 68 copy Arctic began to be ranked equally rewarding experience and money, but no bonus material bag, random to the first day of the awards two Triumph brand. 80 after the normal difficulty you can choose to play the hero or the difficulty of ordinary difficulty and as before, while the heroic first day award two most senior frost brand, after two triumphant reward each brand. Random row of tanks and treatment of almost all second row, so there are a lot of tanks and treatment from 10-80 copies of most of the time inside the bubble in the leveling. But the Master as the output job, a random row of very long this time. 10-58 class periods are usually 15-40 minutes; 58 after the emergence of energy as tanks DK; queuing time decreased slightly to 15-30 minutes; 80 after a two-career more talented overall, and will be reduced to 10-20 minutes - unless there is a tank to play / make Cheap Maple story Mesos friends with you frequently copy rows, or you can not entirely random copy of leveling.
You can start from 10 rows of battle songs, the basin 30 can later be ranked, after increasing 50 Alterac Valley, Eye of the Storm 61 increased, 71 to increase the beach and conquer the ancient island, 80 after the addition of a "random battle" option, random battlefield higher reward.

题目 : 魔兽世界
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