Maple Story Mesos have a more balanced and superior game

Since the "World of Warcraft: the earth fission" and opening up, the player enthusiasm greatly encouraged us that many Maple Story Mesos servers are showing a boom. To give you a better gaming experience, so that all players can have a more balanced and superior game environment, we will be based on real-time status in the near future a new role created on the server function to adjust. If you have closed the role created on the server role has not been created, you cannot create a new role; but the role players has been established will not be affected.
As the server status, the current part of the server queue problem to some players brought some problems, hope those new entrants to the risk-takers who can reasonably select the server. Load current game list is displayed as "full" server; creating roles will be temporarily restricted in order that you can have a good game environment, the proposed selection of affordable server load. In addition, World of Warcraft online game server region also made the road network Cheap Maple story Mesos optimization, but the server itself will still distinguish between Telecom and Netcom, we recommend that you try to select their own servers with broadband matching game to avoid the delay caused by over a broadband connection High problem.

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