Maple Story Mesos go back too late

You may fall in love before, you may also like each other, but for what reason you could not together? Maybe he's loyalty to friends, cannot chase you. In order to take into account the views of family Maple Story Mesos members may, you is not together. Perhaps to go abroad to study, he does not want you to wait for him. Perhaps you Xiangyutaizao, do not know how to cherish each other. Perhaps you met too late, you have another person around. Maybe you go back too late, the other no longer waits. Perhaps you fathom each other in each other's heart, and the delay line cannot be taken ... but even if you did not together, you still maintain a friend relationship. But you Xindi clearly, this person, you are more than friends, but also a concern, if not justifiably holding hands with his shopping, you can still make their advantage of a friend. He has like, you will help him chase verbally, and my heart is not very clear, do you really want to catch him; he encountered difficulties, you will do your best to help him, do not mind who who has less; male and female friends jealous, and you will reassure them that you and he are just friends, but your heart will have a trace of uncertainty. Everyone in this life, Cheap Maple story Mesos have had such a mind is a special friend, a very contradictory behavior, first you willing to just be friends, but for a long time, suddenly found so much the better.

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