Maple Story Mesos on the technical aspects

Zone 2 friends last night suddenly complained QQ Zone 2 server and hang up, but these days with the new area open 9C, grumbling about the server problem is more and more, and then I thought of some When England play Maple Story Mesos clothing thing. To declare, I just set out some facts here only, there is no question of national or ethnic bias. (The most recent wind tight, easily labeled a hat> _ <) to say something before, I would like to mention some other things, the original WOW just listed, evaluated many foreign media ahead of this is a game, not just the design of the game itself, but also, and online games on the technical aspects of the server. Online games do not like stand-alone game, stand-alone game as long as you completed the game and make the body's production of adequate testing and Debug, basically even if the completion of a project, and for online games, finished the game making body only is only the beginning of this project, the real highlight is the back of the server management and maintenance. Back to just say WOW is a game ahead of the issue, had just started when the beta WOW, is a server problem so Blz headache. To be sure the design period in the WOW Blz definitely take into account the server load problem, but Blz did not think the listing is the ultimate WOW players to attract far more than expected. But by virtue of their technical strength and years of maintenance experience, coupled with the continuous development of IT technology, Blz or server load slowly solved the problem. However, to date, the server problem is still the most complained about problems, which is where are the same, regardless of national service, serving the United States or the European service. It is also sometimes blame the server, Who WOW attracted so many people do, more people will inevitably card. But in dealing with this issue, not to mention the United States serving aside, dress, and European clothing is different. 9C problem I do not want talked about, I said my experience in Europe and served it. Service in Europe, the server card, temporary Cheap Maplestory Mesos maintenance shutdown is what happened when, a few months there will be occasional temporary shut down once or twice a week also will have a higher ping for some time then, of course, there will be many players in the game to complain about the situation inside the scraper.

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