Maple Story Mesos experience the charm of World

MapleStory Mesos playing until dark, when Diablo 2 was born Blizzard really lament the classic shot of something really fine, complete 110 version of the epic has more momentum to dark, absolutely all mine. As the computer sucks, did not intend to go to a Maple Story Mesos game and move the computer, but at a friend's recommendation in every possible way, directly holding the case spent more than 2000 ocean to upgrade graphics card memory, began to experience the charm of World of Warcraft. Relatively dark, dark battle network CN, BN although we were all at the network, but its essence is more than real-time strategy, World of Warcraft is completely unlike the online world, into the dark building games while only a maximum of eight people, so that communication from the perspective of World of Warcraft players to attract more players. In terms of control from the game, take some basic English Dark, joked that at least have the right level of junior high school English, Diablo has a complete set of equipment and integrated systems, but also learning the game, which is the same World of Warcraft equipment has a profound system, but understanding of the game do not like the dark kind of hard work, personal Cheap Maplestory Mesos views, dark age players need World of Warcraft larger than, the feeling from my point of view, basically play the Dark The player is relatively stable, will not lightly converted another game.

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