Rapid increase of Cheap Maple story Mesos level

I always thought, WOW and subsequent updates are cruel and naive. It's cruel is that, from the TBC, with the introduction of flying mounts, the entire Azeroth, Outland and Northrend's view was no longer concerned. A fly-past players, Blizzard have painstakingly created a few will notice the Cheap Maple story Mesos scenery and the details? That being the case, the CTM in the remake of the old continent has much significance? Solely for the convenience of novice to upgrade? I doubt very much in such a large map and mission, the player to upgrade what will be several places. Rapid increase of the level, the more convenient of the game environment, in a Mountain Road is almost the ultimate game, "play" under the influence, there are a few people will taste the game a variety of carefully orchestrated design? It's naive is that, through the TBC and WLK, the designers actually trying on the old continent is almost complete replacement, treatment, tank and DPS as well as copies designed by the return period of 60 classic style, to raise or to force players able "to regain the passion" (After all, this is a 6 year old game, all aspects of the ultimate potential has been excavated almost). But everywhere the Raiders, and the familiar world and the game has been getting along for years past, players no longer have the kind of fresh and impulsive. We will kill BOSS, when feeling: wow, this fight really to force it? Little overwhelming because there is a video on the network. We will kill BOSS, when heart rate, the drop of equipment for the BOSS nervous? Rarely, because the sound of the BOSS database has already told us what will be lost. In addition to mustering the strength to take the Acura, there are what can affect your nerves? We will kill BOSS, when a loud cheers it? Yes, but the sound will only get smaller, the passion only grew weaker and weaker. Because from 60 to now, we have numerous times cheering. When this generation of players familiar with the Alsace down the moment, their memories of WOW has closed the door. CTM wonderful or not is not important, they will continue playing, but no longer own the Maple Story Mesos game into a real part - you only think you have no sense of being there a little dragon with a handsome appearance? Have seen a few people in the titles CG when the CTM, there will be six years ago or even two years ago to see the blood boiling when the game CG?