Maple Story Mesos playing together for a long time

I like Aixinnuosi barriers, like thin, like the big flood, like a lot of very cute nice equipment, I never expect I might have had (at that time did not own a small guild activities) he would pull me to a variety of Maple Story Mesos group or not, when I buy my number on to me, at that time he always pinch will go to the arena, and all money transactions every time I said to my wife to take. Well I'm really quite touching though Logically, I learned more likely to finance international trade, I like all kinds of baby alone did not ooze, he one of the play, but also U give me the bags, all sorts of green bags, I wrote back to say sorry not hit, but I will stick to the ~! Do you think he does not care, and he was concerned about playing together for a long time after playing a couple on the trumpet, my Blood Elf priest named Little 灬 flat (or because there is love like Blood Elf Priest, saying I had number eight priests, were trained himself) that he is dead called hi 灬 music, because the name is taken, from the Han Chang'an chaos. Netease suddenly opened to change the result of race, because he was dead before my Blood Elf, he decided to turn to fit the blood elves, but I always felt female blood elf action is like, it has been clamoring to turn female blood elf, but I really cannot receive two female blood elves together, looks disgusting! That happens to be Tuesday afternoon, and even more coincidentally, is just a little the day before the fight, so I set up a separate ICC play a thief. But my surprise was kick ICC him on the line after I set him, that is actually the male Blood Elf! Every day, that's actually ugly male Cheap Maplestory Mesos Blood Elf because I want to turn the men, and happened to that regiment was riding just turn the anti-female blood elf, a huge gap between what I do not know what to say. It turned out just to satisfy my shots look well, well, I really do not know that then the thieves have so Taitailielie careful side.

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