look at the maple story mesos situation

What remains is the cooker, and monsters running around, Gnome Warlock thrust of the beating was strange. Even I have been strange knocking on the maple story mesos forehead, brush MT of a sudden become a group meeting. Fortunately, the temporary play a Death Knight tanks, be considered under control of the situation, get rid of the group of mobs around the picnic. I'm wiping the sweat, we all paused. Does not immediately look at the situation of a Master Pao Lu. The soldier also was very embarrassed. Look and see if he is indeed a novice in the equipment novice. I'm afraid all the way to do the task Shaguai defensive talent level reaches 80, never pulled hate groups. It is a dilemma. T has me, he said, dragging you. We long while did not say anything, in fact, are so over the Cheap Maple story Mesos novice, and Warlock cheap rs gold is not high, estimated to kind of feel the same boat. I comforted him a few words, and then resolutely decided Warlock, who the vice T, DK temporary guest at the main T.

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