Crystal thorn has changed Maple Story Mesos

Today is the winter solstice, the longest night 2009, the darkest day. Beginning tomorrow, the day will become longer and longer, the sun will be more and more. Today I went to the Master crystal No. Qu-mail to the point of Maple Story Mesos something, then stand Orgrimmar bank top, watching the bustling crowd. Crystal thorn has changed, but this crowd yet so familiar, watching people, as if the clock back to the past. Once, when nearly a year ago, in several midnight, several early morning, Crystal thorn silent, even the team channels are dead. I quietly opened on the line after the Association would like to see such a deep night guild who have. Interface, only two are blue, are the words. Do not remember a specific first few times, when I again saw that I was alone with the words, the sudden surge of a microwave in the heart, rapid heartbeat. At that moment I have a strong impulse to the guild, said: I love you! The top can be shouting in the bank, even Orgrimmar integrated channel ... because that moment, the whole world only two of us. Later in the day, I stood here countless times, riding round and round, danced dance, trance temporary leave to sit down until the game. No matter what kind of Cheap Maple story Mesos character position, I was thinking something like business, want to bring people, like land reclamation, but want the most, or that person. Think of that person, my heart would be inexplicable joy.

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