Cheap Maple story Mesos play equipment

I was a little man, 45 have been for some time. Xian next to nothing on the next copy of playing equipment. So a lot of friends, but there are unhappy things happen, people always see the abominable! At the recent Cheap Maple story Mesos trip to Uldaman adventure! Team is in Ironforge group, we do not know, Battle 1 1 2 Paladins 1 Hunter Pirates (me), though not the Master, but some carry, plus some blood, some people faint, the team also line combinations! Starting to go after the back door! After not elaborate on, kill the odd, and then clear the other, within this pre Fortunately, play equipment is on your vote, I use a no, I'll come to adventure it! Character is not just not everyone explosion, burst into the hot purple bow. I am very happy, on the point. First, no attention, so I put this equipment on the bow, I found the bag did not. Down, looked at the records (the same man picked up a burning inflammation of the bow). I faint, he is not paladins do, he cannot use ah! I immediately asked him: Do not give me? He is a gun while another said you do not bow! A moment that you have a gun with a bow also why! I said I'll give you money, right. He said he had plenty of money to have a more than 100 gold (money still the case). Finally, he said his friend that he wanted him at the edge of picking Maple Story Mesos up! Me dizzy, so finally happened to me in it! Silent a moment, just was thinking and future no longer know who does not recognize a team! To persuade a few others, I just bought a lesson.

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