Cheap Maple story Mesos come to this event

After the dissolution of the Society held my little world naked thunder horn marathon race, even if it was a lot of people think that is a very two activities, or more than 50 passionate people to attend from each server. Finally, we closed on the first of "naked God" in the title and prize awards 1000G. Clearly remember the second is specifically withdraw from other Cheap Maple story Mesos associations to attend the event, the podium he said: "The reason I come to this event because it is a very meaningful thing." He did not deserve to share his prize, leaving the third be in the group G that much discrimination AM era, if one day you see a PVP discipline talent and equipment to treat workers wearing AM The priest, no doubt, that is me. When I left the WOW, when I regret not seeing the rise of AM, unfortunately did not lead my team to get through the end of the FB was the most sun well. Perhaps more or less everyone's heart there is regret, and perhaps there is no perfect world, perhaps just as - Costa Rica is just a legend - says it: every legend will fade over time, each will have a strong back the bitterness of frustration, the Maple Story Mesos reason is because the know how to live free and easy choice, the reason for apathy is to not finish at all disillusioned youth, as well as the future can be squandered. real poor, the ideal is very rich.

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