Maple Story Mesos have deployed troops in the beginning

In fact, I feel the defensive side of Raiders that had more than enough, as long as the opposite side can attack us first tank with the turret, if you want to use these two things must be opening on the Maple Story Mesos use and are used together. If the two sides of equal strength, do not imagine this only with no brain tactical assault group scored three bases. Time is the friend of the attacking side, the defensive side of the enemy, so if you want to use tanks, in the beginning, so that two people set four / six tanks bombarded south or north-west tower, a large force straight Warden sentry gain time to head for the tank - is absolutely no need to guard tanks, tanks have deployed troops in the beginning after the guerrilla siege tank slag plant, to win the best place Nabuxialai create pressure for the troops defending division . Sentry can lay the best, only the most difficult to keep the defensive side of the armored battalion, and there is no advantage in slag can choose to shop, the group may make comeback sentry only the attacking side of the tank turret removed after the guerrilla forces of other bases, setting the cemetery also make comeback defending miserable, small-unit guerrilla sentry while it totally meaningless. If you fight for it, in the first tower - it is best to just south of the tower was destroyed at the same time turn the fire slag plant, where the terrain exchange that side and defending side is the most fair, but at this time because of the defensive side most of the troops Prior to the attack are concentrated in the outpost, so to win here easily. Small unit in the fight to stay here, as far as large armored troops occupied the barracks to gain time. As long as the armored battalion into the hands of the attacking side, then the attacking side, 50% chance of winning - if the defending side to plant a large number of troops moving from the sentry, then use the plant for sentry undoubtedly earned; attack if the defending side do not want to take the main Cheap Maple story Mesos the next workshop, the attack can easily wipe out the army back to aid plant disturbance attack troops, and then focus on the audience forces battle sentry head. Attacking side does not need to storm the stairway, as long as the weakening of the forces defending the outpost, kill the fool under the stairs and ran back to the resurrection from the outside forces.

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