MapleStory Mesos flash out of the open method

Flash spy, the spy definition flash everyone has been debated. In the end is a flash out the lens, or a good shot and then came a Maple Story Mesos go? I do not want to discuss this topic because I have used both methods. Now go open that Dir one kind of flash mirror, flash mirror is out of the test to open a sniper shot a sense, is the understanding that the position of sight. Generally speaking, left a little faster than the right, almost negligible. The mirror then flash out of the open method, is I used to use, it has the most powerful advantage is that, in the narrow alley war (watch City corridor) can be comparable with the two G, Why? Needless to say, you know, watch how small the city's corridors. Remember that point, many people like to jump over a low wall when it is to look at your position. When you know a person, they can make a good bunker shot and then came a direct, remember, do not reveal too much of the body, and then play unto personal position, when he started practicing, as long as the fire fast enough, can kill the enemy is like. Wait until later, even if the enemy for a moment the temporary seat and they can kill him, but the premise is not too far from the seat he went on, so this method is suitable for narrow spots. 3, spy hop, hop spy attacks is a more common method, Shouwang city to see more. Spy jump into a small jump, and squat jump. Small jump is by wa (d) and the jump key advantages: smooth landing, and faster. But do not jump way back in the box, be careful to suffer cannon wear. As the name suggests is a squat squat jump out to the advantage of playing area by a small, difficult to be hit, but the squat jump method is the use of two bunkers in the middle of use, for example, watch the city in the middle of a small house. I remember the high jump a little, so very easy to hit. For example, to jump from a squatting right in the left bunker bunker, your lens should remain in the enemy's body. Points, the Cheap Maple story Mesos accuracy of the lens rejection. Second, to say the the way, do not know you have no such experience, when you jump out of a squatting place and did not kill the opponent when you run then it must be turned back, in fact, there is a misunderstanding, I believe at that time as long as you jump out of place opposite to where, is likely to run away. But a lot of people will forget panic.

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