Maple Story Mesos in the next few days

July 2011, 28, the annual Carnival festival game fans - ChinaJoy will once again open the curtain in the summer. By then, Blizzard Maple Story Mesos Entertainment and NetEase games will once again along with other products in the W2-03 stands for the players to sacrifice exciting and fun entertainment experience. Many players on this year's Blizzard product exhibition ChinaJoy curious, therefore, in the next few days, we will be released this year, ChinaJoy Blizzard products on exhibition exhibition of "spoilers" in the hope the majority of players will like them. Wait! In the official "spoilers" before, failed to make up for last year's players went to ChinaJoy shortcomings, let us together into the Caverns of Time, last year's Blizzard product under review exhibition of exciting content right. Blizzard product pavilion COSPLAY players every year to retain the most highly anticipated show, and last year, when the following when playing these characters, the audience is sounded Shan Hu tsunami applause and cheers. Last year, the Blizzard booth and interactive activities to imitate Cheap Maplestory Mesos Dance Challenge stumped a lot of players come here, looking elegant dancers dance on the stage, his slightly awkward imitation of Shique, let us look at see our cameraman captures what it moments.

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