Buy Maple story Mesos between a new type of special forces

"Three world" as the war games, creating a web game in the history of the most complex combat system, the magnificent battle, a huge military deployment and improve the generals system, allowing the Buy Maple story Mesos player to fully mobilize their winning strategies of the wisdom of a thousand miles. Revised combat system, the arms can be any match between a new type of special forces, the army and military commanders are bound to achieve a system that has been strategically stronger, and the army's fighting ability is even more players to make their own grasp. In the new version of Ease "three world" where, PVE increased the type of base matter, divided into five categories, namely, the Yellow Turban cottage, Hun camp, lock demon pagoda, Xianbei thieves hole, southern barbarian cave! Each seat base is divided into 15 layers, as the player, according to their need to go conquer the capture, however, to note that 10 times a day before the attack base in order to gain a lot of resources and experience rewards Oh, we must firmly grasp the Cheap Maplestory Mesos opportunity a! NetEase "three world", the novice player is to be divine protection, but for the master, PK is also a sacred activity. System after the revision, "Three world" wide seat on the world map of the city will allow hundreds of players compete to carve up the strength, Thus, PK is both a challenge and an entertainment, is a way to vent blood heroes. In short, one sentence, to, P enjoyment!

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