Maple story mesos Markets have been thrown into chaos

That there are other games that do not have that, too lazy to say, the typical "male violence sauce" to open a store equipped with the yuan hit. Figure short-term interests. This game agency, a Maple story mesos drive away the audience, leaving his monologue (who directed the play, in this lonely role of a server in 。。。-_-) promise big one on his passion of singing in that Oh. . This heresy, at most, one or two players will not play when it has. You also do not bear not to play this game makers in mind, and then later what new games you have class. Even if you re-writing-off, re-return, you that call of God Church of God back to us but also to capture! Another is Tai Chi. A hanging shade, a sun hanging. A circle. A circle to trap a yin a yang. Circle is the market space, is given a shape. Yin is your fans, playing number. Yang is you through campaigns, publicity, or other online games there is no new version of the highest level of playing is boring to you it to soy sauce. Then the balance of yin and yang, etc. is the only Tai Chi, is the middle. Nightside are frequently uneven and still expanding positive side, it cannot balance? This can be green and healthy development is not? Very natural to stand up to "expose sauce man," the stockings temptation. As an example to others, leaving their middle, to the branch, to the vicious cycle. There are many aware of such things, also the snow to learn (in fact, Blizzard is according to our study) to promote the game fee. Cheap Maple story Mesos Markets have been thrown into chaos, but also how to recover? Even if you want to promote the charges against the things around you do not have the will and determination of the momentum and how do you go green and healthy road it? Business model also two, a fee, a free (say white or charges, why did you pay?) The laws of nature, the boom is bad. Now is the popular free time. Who can stand up, first in the world, there are so bold and imposing. Transported to the charges made. Who is today's winner. Out of talent in every generation, for hundreds of years of leading the trend, of course, just like World of Warcraft, the dark times in the past friends. Similarly, free time in the past friends. He sent a man to come, the world first.

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