Maple Story Mesos will begin merging servers

Of course, those words still ruin the game for the WOW sounded the "death knell." They stated rightly declared: BLZ every once this Maple Story Mesos change, the game will be taking a step forward from the garbage dump. Some players and their friends, families do not have to buy the game, and soon will begin merging servers WOW. Even rumors that the group was chatting with BLZ development, said the development group has been lost due to user over into extreme panic. However, these are all nonsense. Each player will play to the CTM still found the game fun and exciting place, the principle is not to mislead their past judgments. The real fun in the game, and those still on the line now, rather than every day forum kicked up a lot of noises now ran the game how bad guys. Now, the point at issue is not the CTM in the end than the previous piece of information a good or a worse, but rather, this is not a finished product, something that developed without Cheap Maple story Mesos rigorous released will cause the fall of the WOW (as in front of me said). Everyone has their right to choose, but for now it seems to have things like they want to so bad.

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