Weapons the same point Maple Story Mesos wall

That is the language of the night elves; Miguel is very much about his clumsy glad these soldiers on patrol last night elves can be Maple Story Mesos harvested. He is standing on the ground more than ten meters at the branch, peace of mind that female soldiers will be looking to big rocks on the ear, she did not know who is inside shouting, after listening a moment, surprised to peer said. "The language of the Rocs!" Probably had about 10 minutes, around this area has been heavily alert. Ashen vale Army garrison area around the packed this Quincunx. Narrator rush, thousands of night elf torches. People around the tight hole, although the distance is very far away, but their weapons the same point wall, where the surrounding weeds cleared a space. A Night Elf wearing a simple cotton garment looks very thin, like a soldier, with a frameless eye, pulling with both hands tied carefully placed into a solid 10 square red stick, tie in with those leads. This is a typical engineering, Martha Ann's College of Engineering from the dwarf who the best students to teach them. She carefully placed explosives stones before, and then carefully pulling a Cheap Maple story Mesos wire, bent to the back of the body. Perhaps the brain has been thinking of the person's actions are a bit wooden satisfied, she was accidentally tripped over a tree, sat down on the floor, scared people who hop around, they may not understand the principle of explosives, thought to explode, although all are more than 100 meters away from the distance.

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