Maple Story Mesos bursting in air

Look at the past several generals, the position of siege vehicles, out of the red flares sky-piercing, with a shrill whistling, trailing a long red tail, into the sky. At the same time, conquer the castle, the dark mass of the Maple Story Mesos animal while off the flight, tribal remnants, tribal wounded, tribal warriors, sit flying beast, go ... ... Happening number? Happening number is so big, turn, chase, can there be so easy ah! Moreover, people are animals and birds scattered it? Tribal people off moments, shells bursting in air, smoke, fire, shouts, screams, trampling sound, form a. Conquest Hold instant ruins, the Union soldiers, four of the main army, at the forefront of the most heroic fighters, a moment to ashes. Gas temperature Rasa teeth, damn tribe, damn orcs. "Moon River trip!" Warm Rasa shouted, "once told me to go, get rid of those guys!" We just have said the river trip on the league's reserve corps, they did not participate in the battle to conquer the fort, and now they send handy. Temperature Resa personally led, lightning rushed to the tribe those guns, those that siege vehicles. See them, see the rocs, and one filled with deft playing, open fire. Due to continuous fired, some of those things are a smoke. Muzzle in front, a tribal commander, a woman, Ekaterina it? No, woman no gray hair, the woman has a garish eye, warm Resa know her, to conquer the supreme commander of Fort, Ke Leona! At the same time, Ke Leina also seen on the river trip, she did not back the meaning of her face wearing a trace of icy, contemptuous laugh. Temperature Resa hit by fire just a little Mongolian meal; she did not pay Cheap Maple story Mesos attention Key Leona expression. If someone else, this time, may think about why, but is playing at close range artillery infantry, on the face of strong river trip, Ke Leona and did not see the same, but the air temperature Rasa dizzy brain, and now She just want to immediately get rid of this blasted their people.

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