Maple Story Mesos achieving maximum properties

However, we are just in a better position to players than the deeper parts of the world feel the need to change the Paladin only. The player asked the so-called tank, at most, only their friends, server only, so Maple Story Mesos can provide the data quite narrow. And, I do not offend the discussion in this string do not agree with the changes in people, but the changes are imperative to our decision to collect information only. The most obvious point is that this is not a voting process can be determined by the implementation of changes, the change is based in accordance with many of the recommendations we receive, depending on the end we agreed to do so. We know that many players do not agree with this change, but also fair, because the balance is revised every time we have to face one of the consequences. I think the most obvious point is that when we discuss the Death Knight version published recommendations, some of the tanks have to know what things will happen. Currently riding on the anti-mastery, we tend to the solution that we hinted at before, so that mastery of the anti-riding there are many different bonus cut, this way will allow achieving maximum properties become more less difficult. But do have two questions, first, it looks too much like soldiers proficient, and we also know that you actually did not want to do as soldiers; second, this will prevent the viability of the whole ride has a serious weakening of our large Cheap Maple story Mesos compensation from other places do, but you will definitely see a NERF very angry, especially for those who love full of proficiency before they agree to limit other attributes of the players rushed.

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