Whether to give the players this selected Maple Story Mesos issues

You can recent Paladin Holy Shield discussion as a miniature version of this discussion. Some players want more control over life, Holy Shield to do this. But the control of a manual skill takes more effort; it also brings a greater possibility of improper use. In this perspective, play dead and divine shield is somewhat similar. Holy Shield when to use proper and improper points, playing dead is so natural. We observed some of DK's use of the death trying to play the maximum Maple Story Mesos number of times, and trying to fill more dead inside the loop to play and exhausted. They may miss a very important period of the day playing dead. When used correctly, play dead is a very powerful tool. We discussed whether to give the players this (with a higher risk for higher returns) selected issues. In many driving games where you can choose manual or automatic transmission. Many players choose the automatic transmission, so that they more quickly than those who can manipulate the clutch of excellent people is lower, but they will not engage the clutch on the rush of things, it is still able to win many games. In another case, those who can perfectly manipulate the manual transmission's performance is 100% bad people to manipulate the performance of 25%. And the choice of automatic transmission can be 75% of the performance level is a great idea. Tanks job is always difficult. Perhaps there will be a natural choice for the death of DK has more and weaker to play the passive damage reduction. Some players will point out that talent; while others play the next encounter will only use it in specific. Related, we understand that some do not want to make a DK "hit me in the end not to Dais / on the tank DBUFF" this choice. This fact is any resource issues to discuss - I have a certain number of X, so I spend X at this time is to use this skill or that Cheap Maple story Mesos skill? Again, the solution may be to choose the right players on the hands. We can offer a talent or glyph (or other) to reduce outbreaks of the CD is 0, so the blood DK to play on in addition to death and consequently do not do. This is what we will have to consider.

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