In the bottle of red end of the Maple Story Mesos spring

General configuration please enhanced AOE talent, treatment may be considered not to force the whole group P2 mop carry the gas. Do not stand in the black bottle stage the future of kite line on the tank, pay attention to hatred, especially the ice DK, treatment of pre-reading exercise good three Maple Story Mesos seconds brushing the blood to the main tank. Break up the mobs for the second wave of blue-bottle, two bottles of red wave full release, other are broken. Tanzania ride to eat the first one red bottle Breath, the first time in the bottle of red end of the spring open when you can brother and Divine (Divine is afraid to open the spring of Columbia is not triggered in time the blood was flat brush cut seconds off). Please use the large green bottle stage shield wall hard top boss mobs AOE full trial on the wings and cut well. P2 big sacrifice to leave the team to gas, tanks, pits father P2 perspective, please help remotely monitor ice hockey. Haemophilus opening time: P2 is still used to rush H sonic dragon: some stations method, opening out on the open bloodthirsty, a Frisbee collective movement, was directed back cut inside the fire-breathing friends move back after such a Frisbee. P1 gong struck the team has gone hand note the location of the gong, please consciously move to the small Cheap Maplestory Mesos devil tank bit, step back after the war interrupted by a good cast nearly killed. If thieves, P2 thieves one free solution. If not, Druid 3 seconds before God becomes a cat, roar, and back part of the inscription to have the discipline to save ride students. Can be repeated.

题目 : 魔兽世界
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