The MapleStory Mesos equipment has greatly increased competition

Sometimes we also discuss the other extreme, is to make equipment more versatile. We can treat the elemental shaman to balance and dark, animal husbandry, as Germany is very simple for all law career combined spell hit and spiritual, as if the destruction of surgery and the only Maple Story Mesos intelligence discipline, animal husbandry has. You might think so: this good idea, the case of equipment is broken down a lot less, but you have to think that if you want to play the cloth, then think. 10 teams may have three people with copies of roll a piece of equipment, and equipment of 25 people who may have to roll doubles. We can also become more frenzied. I have mentioned in earlier blog had hit and precision of the tank is less attractive and difficult to maintain even though we hate to tank, the tank may still have to survive the heap property, but after they become lost hatred was depressed. Because we did not let the tank equipment, stamina and armor diversity (jewelry, gem slot, except for enchants and gems), so basic is the properties of the tank dodge, parry (except druids), and proficient. So rapidly into a dodge, parry into the explosion will not hit hard. The property is now Plate hits, accurate, explosive Tera Online Gold attack, fast and proficient.
The world is better? Equipment is less likely to be wasted, but the equipment has greatly increased competition. You may feel the uniqueness of each gift has been weakened, and the ride from the violent anti-war everything too similar. On the other hand, simply switch it touches a lot of talent, because you do not need a second set of equipment.

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