The best method in dealing with Maple Story Mesos

Head and shoulder enchants consider using Winter grasp of AP / resilience enchant, compared to the same parts of the attack to enchant [Arcanum of Torment] [potent Tomahawk inscription] attached to the same AP, toughness is more cost effective than some of crit (the thieves no matter how similar equipment to avoid the explosion hit, crit will be more than 50%). Cheap Maple story mesos Legs may be the only choice. Chest guard of the actual situation according to whether they were all 10 or 20 toughness. Shadow Dance talent, then you can choose enchant boots [walrus vitality] or [Leopard's quick], if the occasion is piled limit damage, the former to be better. Damage talent out of the eighty or so, [Lubing] or is it engineering rocket shoes are good. Able to do so, at least PVP boots please have two or more different enchant to use on different occasions. Wrist / gloves are powerful raid to, you can simply add AP, engineering may be required if additional equipment out of the rocket and the accelerator enchant gloves to. Weapons, in general situations is not recommended the use of weapons chain, of course, prepare a weapons chain's deputy is the best method in dealing with the fire, when there will be a great help. The general configuration of two-violent, if there is another extra deputy enchant can be considered black magic, this in a later article we will discuss its role. Master Hand can also reserve a relatively high AP weapons of any type with one hand enchant beheaded, [bruise Fist] is the best choice, of course, can also be 264, the latter article also referred to its role. # Of weapon chain: in most need you to make Buy Tera Gold immediate harm or control of occasions, once disarmed, even if the 50% reduction in time has also been adversely affected by significant aircraft, taking the former to focus on large-scale offensive across the warrior / open ahead of thieves who get away, protect your body will be more effective in the back to avoid being disarmed.

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