Twilight logo in the cheap maple story mesos documentary

This did not seem too much to say, when the recommended level of 264 rapidly to try to choose the equipment, the late acceptance for the crib hit a high of low-prepared 4T10 277 Ice Dragon necklace, surface covered gloves, the old one shoes, belts basically Professor no extra choice. Head and shoulders because of the cheap maple story mesos equipment need not consider T10, 277 can be used with a miracle that you 277T10 graduation day, then 284 HRS wrist, then of course they will get the best 277 small wrist also considered prospective graduate Sa the prestige of the ring more than that, 284 of the Twilight logo in the documentary is the best choice after a two-jewelry, with the wrist, 277 Green Dragon ring quasi-graduation, in fact, the bones of the ring 277 and one thousand is a good choice, the key they did not people want to, very cheap. Above the long-range weapons, the gun is basically quasi-graduate piling equipment, if you do not want to brush WOW Items Gold. LR prestigious national service from the beginning been open WLK play fighting, including the assassination of Guards of the era is 3.22 with the fighting, compared to the assassination of Poison damage Poison damage, fighting thieves to play good DPS, the need for DZ skills, BOSS's position has a deep understanding of the skills. Stakes battle as long as no big mistakes on the way, DPS gap is not easy to pull, the more competition the equipment. Moves more war, more war goal is to test the skills of understanding of DZ's time, have the opportunity to talk about their experiences fighting thieves the BOSS.

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