Cheap Maple story Mesos is preparing to sneak

Ningcai Chen Ah RP think this bad, acknowledge me put the task of strange to clear, under the on and is a pk madman mm, long engaged in outdoor pvp, especially today, warm feel to see the white, so he dropped the idea of his flags, they whisper to the morning. Ningcai Chen suddenly found himself the task not yet complete, so Cheap Maplestory Mesos returned to the "blue if the Temple" to put "mine." When ready to put the task items also appeared, this time "if Land Temple" in breaking the two elite strange, on Ningcai Chen said, "You low-grade, do not touch, easy to lead to blame, I take them kite open you run. "originally is preparing to sneak, Ningcai Chen suddenly saw the ground with a small animal" flies "walk pain free eggs to kill it, the results lead to the strange. Heart cursed the words "white trash", and rushed to pull the blame. At this crucial time ~ garbage server emergency maintenance, when the machine was found on the line again Chen Nye not on, but added the human touch that red so Yan Xia and brush a sheet over. Yan Chi Xia, shouted abuse of Ningcai Chen, "Mom you were 10 trumpet doing here, is not the place you should come, the task done to make it back to speed Buy Tera Gold furnace slag." Ming Chen had no choice in the Hearthstone handed back to the task. Nap village is very happy, put a large banquet for good recovery. Did not last long, cannot forget Sian Ming find themselves, but they have not seen her on the line, so she decided to return to Montenegro. Such a long time finally on the line. Xiao Sian scolded about face on the line for a meal Ningcai Chen, complaining that he should not them Montenegro. Montenegro had "blue if Temple" is a 5 copy, boss Montenegro grandma a tough role.

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