My first Cheap Maple story Mesos trade union

First mentality flat point. New unions are basically substituting the new birds, of course, your relatives and equipment that cattle other than XX or president, so do not deny this president. The bench is not only you, no need to be born to die. Everyone wants to participate in activities Nihau Cheap Maplestory Mesos equipment. "Play the game, not a game playing person" people always say this, but few really understand which? I am also a white do not understand. But at least I can do: do not look to see someone move equipment, do not look at GS, only requires a stable NQ, to what is not said, adding the U.S. had entered the United States, and complacent to wait until the new CD. (Also not to mention a new CD, as if to himself as old players, because I am full of class more than a month had passed 10, a copy of this on a white). He adds: ready mixture, syrup, the YY, m me into the group. Wow ~ finally able to participate in activity. Mixture bags look good, and medicine has also been, on the YY? Cry, do not know how much information are not released unions. Quickly in the guild to ask: YY how much? Trouble to know to tell the next. Cry, no one answered, perhaps Dajiadoumang; m Head: YY how much? Tell the next Oh, thank you! (This is the original), cry, nor below, may be too busy head; quickly and meters in an official: How much does YY? Thank you. (This is the original), cried, or do not follow, and perhaps officials are busy; got busy head of officials willing to ask other folks, even asked the two people are not following, when I was in desperate identified a Tera Power Leveling savior: President. Oh, finally found the organization, ah door! "YY boss how much ah? Union on a call, "a group of group I" QS, I thank you so much ~ I hope you brought, you put half of my cold heart warm up. I forgot your name, so excited at that time. On the YY, then quickly head m: head of the group I. oh, selling Karma!! Head and busy, and still not below. There are only trade union channels: ready mixture, syrup, the YY,, m me into the group. YY is also cool that your reception there does not pull your Active Channel. Hey ~ Substitute! It’s fun to go. Above are my first trade union activities. If you cannot enter because the activities of the Group on the scraper, to be honest, and they’re not happy, but also offend people. After the trade union which dare to you. Substitute the trade unions have, but also have several, so why bother?