Gray valley of Maple story mesos

"This is the film a strange place, that big tree is the 'Se Gena more', it is the life of the Grey Valley, where, with the Emerald Dream has contact. As long as it can destroy the entire tree will Ashenvale will not be your enemy, they will decline. "tree people, night elf friend, they are tree spirits, owner of the cheap maple story mesos gesture, walking forward, take the earth-shattering pace, with surprising strength. Should the league all-out war, the night elves will definitely ask these allies mobilized to defend the tranquility of nature. By that time, the orcs be no good either.
By Meng Keer's pre-sentence, as long as the Battle Hymn of the pioneers to get rid of Fengyun tree, then they can definitely on the battlefield throughout the gray valley head start. Perhaps this is an illusion excessive, and Garrosh even began to doubt their own Tera Online Gold eyes - the grass suddenly disappeared, and those who fall in between the emerald green leaves turn a blood red, and then, into the eye, such as opened his eyes like, iridescent gray color thin vertical shape in the dark pupil, as the wolf or other wild beasts, exudes an atmosphere of unease, an unknown signal.

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