Spending maple story mesos power

First, how to play in a certain period of time up to the boss? I think it is average to go along with wowed are the most efficient, such as we are familiar with the first six of the ICC, and then open the first six of the group, we will fight, do not make mistakes there 3H, 4 will, 5 foreign objects in a short time G / time the most efficient. Second, how to sell items in a limited up payment? Kim started to talk about how to price goods group, the mainstream view is that since 2000 all of the items, do not cut prices, fear of bad rules. Actually, I think this cheap maple story mesos idea is wrong. The price of goods in the long run supply and demand, and wow the world of the "average labor productivity," the decision. Short term, we all know, is the members of the spending power, consumer desire and the decision was psychological. How to sell items in a limited up payment?

I think that segment sales, sales would have to cut prices to classification. Need equipment, some of the price, since it does not matter how much in fact, the opening play when it has been determined for some "marginal items," members are not very strong demand desire, it must attract the cheap rs gold consumer through lower prices. Some people say I'm a bad price will the price of other groups. Wrong, prices are determined by "market" decisions, so many prices have eaten away at the last item, or to be head of cheap ways have been sold to other players, private at the end, playing a few small 25icc hours, minutes, about 2000G (nominal prices, the real price of half a sheet of point card), we also have experience of it. As for how to discourage members of their expected price, depending on the expression of the head, but in fact there are many cases, transactions can be understood in a gentle manner. Rather than a hostile manner, such as "he is an outrage to such prices, not lower," it is not only beneficial to the head of the income, the income of the members and the head of the Mental Health bad :). Third, how much of a problem increases. Some people say that one must be 500 plus, I also think this is wrong.

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