Maple story mesos brush the experience of two copies

Because when I see someone playing skills people need to read the article cast, I feel 2 but the friends that I also had to accept the play slowly I fell in love this game, I like the tranquility of Ash Valley, Austria Geri cheap Maple story mesos hustle and bustle. Storm wind prosperity, Eastern Plague lands bleak. Iron forge majestic, the vicissitudes of Thunder Bluff. Slithers sun, winter and Spring Valley Piano. Asmara leaves, Brad Hill, sunset remember the death knell for the town of helpless when you wake up, practice their own village for a day in the novice did not find the way out still remember a friend of Burrell hit the first do not know what he is now playing a good or bad.

Remember the ten-level friends to help brush up Shadow fang excitement, when people know a number 40 is quite a level surface of children, and I still remember my friend brought me a copy of the brush, I will call on and I'm leveling with a friend, or sometimes less than 5 teams when people call wow gold in a public channel in a few, because then there is a large band is not easy. Time to brush the experience of two copies or to equipment. To connect equipment directly at the door, waiting for distribution of large captain. Experience is a large to a small number goes all the way with 4 ADD ah sometimes brush all around half an hour. At the time, but we are very happy.

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