Play the fundamental normal maple story mesos mode

Play the player a little longer period of 2.4 Mage should know the difficulty of the platform, a good control on the mobs did not cause destroy mission. Open group, but I just ordinary difficulty, what cannot be strong and so the call to play the fundamental normal mode are novice or veteran trumpet. But also more ignorant then I do not know to make a 5 to play this also GS (GS say I had no idea), SO, statements and advertisements are not afraid of nature is to destroy cheap Maple story mesos. Group of people very well, with the same imagination, the basic are novices. But its novice can teach Well, I am also a novice to be taught out, teach them not that veteran. Brush the next team UT (the amount I really miss the name) to facilitate the teaching thing, and then assign each task a good start.

T to open strange, a DPS is second, "that so and so, the first control point to you the strange and so drew the call ah T, T has just received a hand you did not hit the OT cannot do, did not control the mobs, off it, next time pay attention to Kazakhstan. "" Here welt go to Kazakhstan, the mobs do not lead to the next. "" Hey? Who is so careless, and said welt, have run the

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