Dot pollute the Maple story mesos environment

"Two nights ago. My boyfriend's fine trumpet DK destroy God rest days in the AG door chat. Suddenly came breathed a slow dance called DK, stand beside us even say," I grass. ". Say my boyfriend this DK The ID and the other named demon similar to a fine day ID number, and then asked my boyfriend is not his fans ah. Are worship him ah? meal my boyfriend BB, then the thinking of the human brain there is no residual to him.. who knows cheap maple story mesos Yesterday morning, my boyfriend had just one on-line to find him a bunch of people call me to find a boyfriend, but we say that we lie to slander point card.. I feel very angry, however, provoke him move He screamed out in this? Therefore in the public and his brush in screen (I know I do it no virtue.. pollution of the environment), then, his younger brother Ho-day demon M me. that they are not afraid of brush Association. They are 4 years of her husband will be. I want to brush lightly brush..
Or renamed to serve us directly... also threatened us, so that their entire [Nether Wu ghost town] union people are reported to us.. Let us play in this area do not go on.. I do not understand.. We did not lie to one card, two Kengren not only because of ID, and others similar, you cannot play in this area? to not pollute the environment, public screen.. I fear the arrival of the Forum, please assessment comments.. I know.. That something bigger P, the 14 Office of overkill.. but I just think, be a human being, not because of the rich and powerful, standing cheap rs gold away the right to bully others, why others you have been bullied, playing a game on the case.. In reality the upper hand the terrible? For the time being do not want him mainly as the reality of what a man.. At least I think he even played the game a virtual character are unqualified.. There is an old saying "no products, not Warcraft", I deeply for this scum out of the War craft feel sad.. I admit, I was an amateur player. I do not have the PVP-called full-service equipment, the best people are good, there is no way he was good. just want my boyfriend, with daily mining mining, playing small. Is this a little demanding die?

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