Sense of maple story mesos inner joy and satisfaction

Last night, suddenly a phone call, I heard my friend's wife put the children to keep the stomach, which made her excited. Just the other day, my friend's wife water broke, and has been in the hospital to the stomach, 5 months old son to do miscarriage. Can be connected to the phone, I know her heart, put down the stones, high jump let me go around with her, I agreed. I know that this little life would be if the mother after the passage of time how much maple story mesos damage the heart! Shenyang, the weather last night was not cold, just feel the air Tide, and I walk with her to the North, and eating a lot of things along the way chatting. She always said in front of me but I have always been the "victim", she always wanted to use the language Mai Tai I, and anti-I simply say to dry silent, face the dregs is simply lovely! Sense of inner joy and satisfaction to my endless emotion, I do not know why.

She is my former colleagues, the contact time of less than 3 months, but she good to me, is the former friend can not, I believe that there is Tera gold cheap interaction between people he will be the heart heart, you I am good, I'll be better for you. But the past proved to me the "friends" have let me down, so I do not need those people on my "good." I admit that I was withdrawn, the characteristics of the girls, just outside the soft, I believe most people can not do with my friends.

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