Attempt to carry out maple story mesos

Failure to complete a mission is a more popular topic of it, it should belong to the wild group of cases of early failure. That was 60 years ah! It is a copy of the team is playing 20 or 40 people instead of 10 and 25 individuals. A copy was also not present, a few casual group of people will be able to get through or how much to play! The so-called unfinished mission is basically self-organized people, and had no hope of holding the can open up the attempt to carry out maple story mesos. It lacks its own organization and cohesion, and hit the halfway dissolution is completely normal, which is responsible for this who do need to have? In fact the concept of a mistake, you summarize these things, whether in the age of 60 years or Han Han, have never been a positive evaluation! Open link, NIJIA, black equipment, irresponsible, etc., we are now in the curse, are in the 60's these acts are recognized it?

Sina NIJIA see archives, the earliest record is at what time. Whether it is or what NGA 17173 or something, you have a memory thing encouraging these acts? First, the starting point you are wrong, you should not criticize the 60s, but those who are sick of us from start to finish, but despite repeated prohibitions of bad behavior. We miss the 60's because of our moral principles at that time than now to strongly adhere. Ceremony Disintegration in this era of rs gold yesterday playing with the "brother" might have on the general channel the next day's headlines, then you can imagine such a thing in it? The number of persons NIJIA and AFK? How many people do not dare because they were on the line brush? What we are exposing and criticizing what the most fundamental reason for reporting scraper is that we want to have a healthy and harmonious environment, so we need a clear understanding that after so many years, what we actually get what they lost, whether we should how to do it. Even if we are powerless to change the world, but we still need to work to ensure that it does not become more nonsense, strict with himself, but a small step, but the 500 million WOWER together, and that is to civilization a major step toward harmony . Network products such as character, a gentleman is not a moment away from the road also, encourage each other in this party of willing,

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