In order to kill the maple story mesos princess

Has also insisted that ~ never thought of giving up the ideal of a good time for me to understand the reality of power is extremely powerful look back which did not return from moving in and can not get my help to leave, so that memories, forever in my memory to open the game enter the account password, and picked a warrior spirit into my dream of maple story mesos. Tasks, copy, upgrade, new friends to join Association, a few days later I went to 45. The first thing on the line every day and play with friends Mara Leighton, in order to kill the princess to see. The time this level is not very long. Soon promoted to grade 60.

In a task. Copy of the upgrade. New guild members to feel that we become strong. (Because you have many friends) (60 WOW) in Warcraft I spent five years in youth, Push all the free time and took half of my life orientation in Warcraft III, where I had hope, had moved and ideals, but also lost too, too sad, when many of us there is always the ideal to be achieved in Warcraft. Because we have many, many of them around (they are) - my guild members have. We all pay for the effort with a common goal, whether success or failure, we never give up, because we believe that we are united teammates.

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