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Betrayal from Alsace to Uther's tomb, this history was never recorded to Stratholme, it has never put out the flames engulfed the city. Fanatical Scarlet Crusade still there regardless of you and me The fight against the so-called natural disasters. has been forgotten doomed love and the family tragedy of this story. That simple photo and beliefs always indicate what medal. I looked at the burning Stratholme daze thinking about her past maple story mesos brilliant. That one has not collapsed building numbers, which are buzzing with the soul Zuozuo Ziggurat. And that the slaughterhouse full of hate. That the mighty Baron Rivendare.

This is all about. that whether the soul is still wandering there and Fordring past, too. they know their families far away, they said, such as Alsace, as evil, now these I do not know, but now they never left Stratholme. has never been ... 193 times, I have no confidence to go watch the body, that sparkle and jumped as if laughing at me. Now step I have no elegant past, no past hope, my dusty armor, long time no oil in the bow that, there'll be thousands of arrows in the quiver. And that the hotel proprietress Eastern Plaguelands smile, I feel like I have not I'm just so simple brush DK, Baron Rivendare now the two of us are sick feeling to see who is who ..

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