Longing for Maple story mesos

At this point my heart empty, no more is coming from, think about before, the shadow and I have been playing half a year, if several days in the game and never see each other's shadow, it will send a text message or a phone call to greet each other. Do not go well the next time a copy is also UT where we sometimes quarrel, but when the climax of every wake and see this funny look like each other excited, are spontaneously laugh, said to him, the conflicts to solve the Maple story mesos problem is methods. Gradually, we became very good friends, longing for the open after the new version we have to embark on a new journey together.

Now, the shadow will leave me, and I like the wind in the leaves, perplexed. At that moment my heart all tastes too. However, such a good friend, suddenly disappeared in your game, perhaps, a later date, we will also indistinct in touch, but one can imagine the future, we will gradually long journey. He will be the new part, and the others shook hands firmly, and then the day before on our image, as clouds in the mind will be slowly dispersed. Soo beautiful drop of water, and instantly in our world evaporated, and it a another way, crystal presented to the others. Ray is such a lot of things. When it is the result of a throw in front of us, after a U-turn to pull off to get away, and only the sad and bitter to stay, let alone to savor. Many things are not always approachable, and sometimes, God will grace hide, suddenly airborne gives you a happy, when you waste their time, turned around, and floated away, leaving you a different recollection of The desolate background.

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