A certain aesthetic fatigue of maple story mesos

There are seven-year itch of marriage, our game of life, how many years should the itch? In my opinion, one year is enough. Can play a game more than a year, perhaps because the game is really too much fun. It played two years? Shows the continued vitality of the maple story mesos game strong, a lot of political reform. The third year, no matter how fun the game, no matter how change will have a certain aesthetic fatigue, and even play the game to ask ourselves what is the purpose? As the beginning of this article said, purely for enjoyment.

When playing a game has become a worry from the time of joy, and whether to change a state of mind to enjoy it? Three years, still insist on playing, not, not should adhere to this word. Is also still enjoying all the old players, must have been the "miracle world" as a part of their lives, and it is an inseparable part. And now is a full four years, and I think a lot of old players like me, intend to "miracle world" pension, regardless of the "miracle world" what would become of the future will stay here. In the end because we are old, can not accept a new game? Or because the habit of a "miracle world" can not withdraw to leave? The profound reason that we do not have to pursue the matter, as long as he knew, "Wonder of the World" is our only game.

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