Maple story mesos liar

Liar subdivision, there are many. Hacking cheat large numbers of small to get money cheat popularity. As long as they can be deceived, there are swindlers deceive. The following one by one according to the degree of hateful analysis.
1. Beggars trumpet. Such liars are often 30 below, and often the equipment is to strip the body, see a slightly higher passing grade is necessary money. And is repulsive to the non-greedy, if we look at you very generous to continue to be. To the money to equipment. If you refuse, and face a deceitful even less popular and then you say, "This is not to give me maple story mesos gold in the end," the gas you to death. Ago, such a liar in the market up to now, many have shifted to the terminals at the money. Measures to deal with: see the initiatives for money, ignore! If he trades you, look at his mouth with you for money, and immediately cancel the deal.
2. Cheat liar popular level that is generally not high, 15-50. Level is not high mainly for friends. Popular name for the cover, once you find purpose, they ask for 100% of first raising, the other one plus the popularity for his immediate line or offline. Measures to deal with: want to change popular, and as far as possible before adding to demand. If you first add the other bent, you must request the other party to follow you say "cheating popular family die out." I believe no matter how shameless liar will not be popular to criticize their own little family die out.
3. The name of "copy" under the cover deceive equipment market when I see someone shouting "copy equipment." When the fish bait, the swindler will ask the victim to do according to what he said. First, transactions, and then cheat the victim to put the equipment to copy a go, then press the "exchange." This time, a confirmation dialog pops asking you to confirm the exchange. Neither will let you point a liar "is" not spots "No", he will want you to press the Y button on your keyboard. Y key effect is the fact you point "is" is the same as that agreed to exchange. Liar a look you press the Y key, has long been ready for his side, quickly press the agreed exchange. Piece of equipment to such victims fooled. Measures to deal: Do not believe the plug or the so-called replication methods. The sky will not fall from the pie. In such people away from him. Nothing like a good heart to help you copy equipment, and if he will copy the equipment, his own copy to find their friends, looking for foreigners to participate in what.

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