The introduction of the maple story illusion

Began to suspect that the weight of love, the so-called "waiting" is the attraction of cheating death "half" of the lies, it is a good probability of their absurd and ridiculous, to tell myself, as an independent woman should be the personal integrity and strong pursuit of the spiritual maplestory mesos world, another person may make your world a more complete, but without him, your life is still beautiful and wonderful.

There are many untrue things filling, imagine how wonderful it is, the introduction of the illusion, to close it, it will continue to deceive you, but one day is exposed, then the United States has its drawbacks, love the girl my heart is so sacred, but when most girls were injured, but also because of love, the spring died, welcome, year after year, the flowers, there is no reason, such a scene, never duplicate the feeling, and then in repeated, short life, pain is much longer. Sunny sunny days can be very long, and finally, a short film does not actually connect the aspirations of all, a surge of cold air blowing, the leaves will rotate on the floor, the cold suddenly deepened, cold roll people.

Wandering in the city, 500 kilometers of the city's courts, it is so close to each other, separated some distance away from the heart, so far, every holiday, I like to ride the bus on the same day after day to the quiet, harmonious, just like In reading these old cottage Ge, remember the memory of every day, every day seems to be holding his hand bag vanilla chocolate spill the air, this is a happy, long, long time definition of time, do not remember when was the last time Well, just know that they always sigh or sad, lonely life made me feel very difficult, really looking forward to the next second patient, love appears in the side

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