maple story mesos sorry

Days of cold. More and more dark morning, a deserted street, and occasionally a car sped past, lights flashed on the wall. Then darkness. Green Chai said yesterday met downstairs, "hey, did not see you go to class last Oh, Where were you? A male is is to you!" "Oh?" I should be and the. "Just a little busy recently." "this right away? game? you Oh, in addition to the game will not be anything else. Laotaibuxiao pull, but also note the side of the people who care about you, oh." Ching Tsai tone with extremely Maple story mesos sorry for me. I just smile. only to find that I been a long time did not go to class. in such a good student, Aberdeen, green eyes, I'm just addicted to online games of the poor woman, in fact, he did. Back in high school, there came from the back door of the classroom to see the game that is buried I then grabbed the book thrown into the waste basket of the class teacher the book to me said that.

from the teacher behind the thick glasses, showing the complex expressions of anger and frustration. with the blue tone of Aberdeen, just say that I agree. a people. accustomed to a person. a person online. a person to eat. A person daze. canteen meals for some time have a funny smell. so I rarely go to the canteen. appetite reduction from the previous three meals a day to two meals , and now eat only a meal a day. I feel down again soon to become soft hitting the.'d sleep longer and longer, as long as no one wake me up. I could sleep day and night. awake can be optimistic about a few hours staring at a computer screen. listen to music when the sound way up. In fact one has not heard. Adventure Island is the only one to play every day to play the game. like most people, hang up, playing BOSS 4 years, has never left. And now, could not find reason to carry on. This afternoon, driving a number running around in the long bones that saw a 120-class standard, in that very hard The name of the strange.

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