Looking for Maple story mesos

Play adventure for three years, but so close from the wash number is the first time. Today, play adventure with me classmates told me that her number is washing. At that time, their first reaction is: "training" to wash. Two weeks ago, I remember she told me she looking for Leveling. Leveling has been very inconsistent I also advised her not to look. At that time, she said, she sold many times over point-man, are not deceived. So looking for Maple Story mesos that person Leveling. Also told me to go to the market and saw the man, the family is still smiling (black pearl zone).

After I told her, you be careful, she carefully she lie to you money. Leveling my classmates chose. She has incredible trust that person. Convinced that he would not hacking and will not get money, do not wash number. Today, I still No. students were washed. QQ, she said three words: No. I was washing. Leveling is not dry. Or she told me. At the time, shocked and I could not use other words to express what I felt. At the time the first response is: so-called "training" did! No. He then told me to wash the students, your number is washing. Quick on the adventure, the market saw my classmates - who has been light, and close friends are no longer flashing rings, and only a lounge chair and a maple leaf helmet.

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