Do not touch through the Maple Story Mesos game

Think of first contact with the Adventure Island, really was an accident. At that time, I was a college freshman. Look at the class of the boys are playing the game in the warm. At that time, I just bought the computer, also entered the game. At the time, I do not know anything. More do not touch through the maple Story mesos game. a blink of an eye after a 1 month, but the level is still low, but do not know how or because of simple. the game always make many friends. Carefree and chat with friends every day, do the task, upgrade.

Now, open area for so long. I'm still not over level, many of them are full of friends. I think the only game I miss the friendship. Written here, just want to record this bit by bit. Writing is bad, a lot things can not write. Finally, want my friends have a name in this registration. These have become our most wonderful memories. My husband. A touch of warm love. Most subtle take care of my brother evil springs. And a touch of ambiguity. No. There are people who steal out of the vicious, and a touch of cool and, finally, has been concerned about my students. BB, CC, powerful, small mined. And so on. You are my most memorable one. You are also only good friends I cherish. Dream because you did such a wonderful understanding. Finally, I hope all the players, the game can be happy, with a most sincere heart towards the game.

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