Maple Tale Crowded Lagfest Story

We record in to Maple Tale on the Windia server (MagusEmperor, my personal sin xD look me upward) and that i can't assist however discover how crowded the game is now. A person cant step three feet with out bumping into a person, and even once you have located a clear room, the game lags somewhat on account of the actual large participant bottom along with the level of Maple Story mesos players on the internet from one period. Right now, a person say "Okay, so Windia lags, however what can all of us perform about it?

Proper right now, Windia is one of the far more filled servers, even though servers like Mardia stand vacant. We feel everybody joins Windia simply because it seems cool 0.o. We think that nexon/wizet should influence brand new accounts towards becoming a member of mardia. This could be truly easy too. The brand new accounts, ones without any kind of character on any kind of host, may be offered a reward associated with a few type with regard to becoming a member of the actual emptier servers. Not just would this balance out the actual host communities a bit, but buddies associated with individuals that play maplestory, who have decided to join the enjoyable, could nonetheless sign up for Windia in the event that their buddy is within Windia. They would simply not get the incentive they'd possess become if they became members of Mardia.

The economy of mesos/nx cash in maplestory mesos a fragile stability. Too numerous players brings items as much as crazy costs, whilst as well small gamers provide costs to an all time reduced. In Windia Steelies tend to be currently becoming sold for 12-14 zillion mesos. Like a curious player, We decided to produce a Maple Story player to take a look at the actual rates there. And let me state this particular, Mardia can be a ghost town.

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